We are on a path of learning and growing as human beings and are very interested in really thriving. We aim to share with you what we learn, as we learn, and hopefully help you to thrive too. The services we offer are designed to support growth in all areas of life: personal & professional life, health & well-being, and personal & spiritual growth.

Healing Sessions – The BodyTalk System – The BodyTalk System is a very powerful healing modality that addresses everything from physical illnesses to emotional issues to states of consciousness.

BodyTalk Videos & Testimonials – A lecture by the founder of the BodyTalk System (divided into several clips) as well as a number of short testimonials from clients about the power and effectiveness of the BodyTalk System for healing many ailments, conditions, and imbalances.

Sport & Performance Psychology – Psychological training for optimal performance and full enjoyment in sport and the performing arts.

Counseling – Through life, vocational, and spiritual counseling, you gain a better understanding of yourself, your relationships, your nature, and your purpose.

Business & Organizations – Optimizing the sustainability, function, and profitability of your organization through innovation and enhancement.