Business & Organizations


There are an infinite number of systems interacting in an infinite number of ways on a daily basis. The system of school children interacts with the system of teachers; the system of transportation interacts with the system of the weather; the system of your business or organization interacts with the collective of businesses and organizations. Not only is your organization interacting with other organizations, it is interacting with itself.

There could be one, hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of people that work in your organization. All of these people have different roles that they’ve been assigned to execute. The people who manage the organization or even one department of the organization are different from the people who operate the organization or the department, but they still interact. When these people interact, they are not only interacting with their organization roles, they are also interacting on a personal level. As well intentioned as anyone can be, sometimes there is just something about working with someone from another department, part of the organization, or even one’s own department, that can be altogether frustrating.

It can be better… it can thrive!

It has been said that most small businesses that are created in the USA do not survive past their first year. There are lots of great post-hoc explanations as to why this may be the case, but here at Genuine Thriving, we work with your organization to ensure that your organization thrives.

Just as there are an infinite number of systems, there are an infinite number of possibilities as to why your organization may not be performing the way you would like it. We believe in sustainability Рin all its forms Рand have found that this can be a major factor in the success of an organization. If your organization, in any way, has a negative affect on the environment, it could be a contributing factor as to why it is not succeeding. If your organization seems to have grown too fast and now seems out of control or has grown too slow and seems stifled, there are probably factors that have not been considered.


Initially, we sit down with the main stakeholder(s) in the organization, usually the president or CEO,to get a sense for the organization from their perspective. It is important to understand how the organization is perceived from within it, especially by those who govern it. Once adequate background information has been obtained, then we are able to move into a phase where we ascertain the areas within the organization that need to be remedied.

The changes that ensue are unique to each organization. In some organizations, this has looked like the addition of a new department. In others, it has precipitated the amalgamation of two departments. Even if your organization has just one employee, you, these methods are useful. It is important for a business to function materially, if it wants to make a little bit of money, but it is even more important for a business to function energetically, if it wants to thrive.