Counselling & Psychotherapy


Counselling, to me, is about unconditional acceptance, deep listening, being fully present, and holding a profound respect for another person.

I believe that we are interdependent beings who thrive with the support, assistance, and validation of others as we journey through life, navigating this sometimes challenging human experience, together.

I have both a natural aptitude for and extensive professional training in a variety of counselling and psychotherapeutic approaches to support you.

The situations of everyday life, questions of vocation, purpose and work, existential and spiritual concerns are all areas of expertise that I am honored to share with you.

Spiritual Counselling — for spiritual growth, spiritual experiences, spiritual questioning, and spiritual seeking.

Other topics include:
Presence, expanded consciousness-awareness, Non-dual awareness/ Oneness Consciousness, and alternative ways of knowing.

I meet you where you are.

Life and Vocational Counselling — personal development, emotions, relationships, body, work, purpose, meaning, fulfillment, identity, intuition, confidence, trust, productivity, JOY.