Mental Performance Consulting for Sport & Performance


Mental Performance Consulting for Sport and Performing Arts is for you if you want to improve both your performance and your experience of your sport or performing art.

There is a strong correlation between enjoyment in life and enjoyment in performance. This training can help you both perform better than you have before, and FEEL better than you have before, both in performance arenas and in life.
Novices and professionals, children and adults all benefit from training in performance psychology to help them deal with, enjoy, and thrive in competitive, collaborative, training and performance environments.

These mental-emotional skills can be learned quickly and easily and you will experience exhilarating results.

For added value, these skills transfer easily to your business, work, school, life, and relationships.


~Mental Performance training helps you:

Feel Confident
Perform Well Consistently
Have Maximum Focus
Feel Good Under Pressure
Perform Well Under Pressure
Enjoy Yourself!
Deal Well With Both Wins & Losses,
Peak Performance and Poor Performance

Have Powerful Visualization/Imagery Skills
Be Positive
Overcome Obstacles Well
Perform Well Despite Distractions
Be in The Zone
Prevent Overload & Overtraining
Learn From Disapointments, Injury & Setbacks
Communicate Well with Coaches/Peers
Relax Well, & Control Your Body